Suri Clicker


GENERAL size chart:


Nostril: 18g 9/32nd (7mm) or 18g 5/16th (8mm)

Septum: 16g 5/16th (8mm) or 3/8th (9.5mm)

Lobe/Helix: 18g-16g 1/4th (6.5mm), 9/32nd (7mm), 5/16th (8mm)

Conch: 16g 7/16th (11mm)

Tragus: 16g 1/4 (6.5mm) - 9/32nd (7mm)

Rook: 16g 1/4th (6.5mm) - 5/16th (8mm)

Daith: 16g 5/16th (8mm)- 3/8th (9.5mm)

Lip: 16g 5/16th (8mm)


These are sold as single units! Some hoops only come in one size which will be listed below :


Material: Titanium

Diameter (how big around the hoop is): 5/16th (8mm) or 3/8th (9.5mm)

Stone (if available): Synthetic Opal 

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Madison Harrington
Lifetime Warranty

Faythe and her gals are awesome. I got my lobes fitted with these cute lil clickers and I’ve had absolutely no metal concerns whatsoever. I did have a little snag where the stone broke in one of them and they replaced it at no cost, they truly stand by their lifetime warranty policy. Thank you Faythe for providing amazing jewelry for us sensitive folks and making sure the quality is fabulous. I will forever buy jewelry for my piercings from her.