Giana Side Set Cluster End


All ends come included with a general sized barbell, curved barbell or horseshoe!


Industrial : 14g 1 3/8th (9.5mm) Barbell

Nipples: 14g 9/16th (14mm) barbell

Navels: 14g 7/16th (11mm) curved barbells

Rook/Brow: 16g 5/16th (8mm) curved barbells

Septum: 16g 3/8th (9.5mm) Horseshoe

Units are sold in pairs for individual barbells, unless otherwise stated.

If you need a different length or gauge than what’s listed for ANY REASON

Please DM/email me for more specific sizing.

Absolutely no refunds if the standard size doesn’t fit. You may exchange it for another size, but you are responsible for shipping costs.

Material: Titanium

Threading: Threadless

Length by width of each end: 10mm x 4mm

Stone: Opal

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