Moon and Stars Clicker


Material: Titanium

Gauge: 16g

Diameter (how big around the hoop is): 3/8th (9.5mm)

Stone (if available): Cubic Zirconia  



GENERAL size chart:


Nostril: 18g 9/32nd (7mm) or 18g 5/16th (8mm)

Septum: 16g 5/16th (8mm) or 3/8th (9.5mm)

Lobe/Helix: 18g-16g 1/4th (6.5mm), 9/32nd (7mm), 5/16th (8mm)

Conch: 16g 7/16th (11mm)

Tragus: 16g 1/4 (6.5mm) - 9/32nd (7mm)

Rook: 16g 1/4th (6.5mm) - 5/16th (8mm)

Daith: 16g 5/16th (8mm)- 3/8th (9.5mm)

Lip: 16g 5/16th (8mm)

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Alicia Hale
Awesome earring

I got this earring as my "want to feel pretty" earring for my daith and it does that job! Earring looks in ear exactly as it does on the model in the photo modeling it. It's comfortable and doesn't snag anything except really fine lace if you're rubbing it against your ear (and wtf why would you do that... creepy) so regular clothes changing won't snag it. My husband was able to put it in the first time by our selves at home too so it's not that hard. Great value and great shipping and service from Faythe. 10 of 10 would do again.

Also sorry for the shit photography on my ear there. Hard to take a photo of your ear haha.