Basic Titanium Clicker


GENERAL size chart:


Nostril: 18g 9/32nd (7mm) or 18g 5/16th (8mm)

Septum: 16g 5/16th (8mm) or 3/8th (10mm)

Lobe/Helix: 18g-16g 1/4th (6mm), 9/32nd (7mm), 5/16th (8mm)

Conch: 16g 7/16th (11mm)

Tragus: 16g 1/4 (6mm) - 9/32nd (7mm)

Rook: 16g 1/4th (6mm) - 5/16th (8mm)

Daith: 16g 5/16th (8mm)- 3/8th (10mm)

Lip: 16g 5/16th (8mm)


These are sold as single units! Some hoops only come in one size which will be listed below :


Material: Titanium

Diameter (how big around the hoop is): VARIES

Stone (if available): NA

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Amanda Pugh
Love it!

Awesome piece. Bought multiple for my lobes and one for my conch. I wear them constantly. Great material. Easy to insert and remove.
Also, Faythe and her team helped me out when the first gauge I ordered didn't fit :)

Had problems healing

I got my nose pierced at a different shop and it wouldn’t heal. I walked into the shop and they made time to help me switch it out. Months later I ordered this clicker but I ordered the wrong size. I was able to email the ladies and they promptly set me up with the right size and exchange. I love the quality of the jewelry but the customer service is why I keep coming back.

Simple and elegant, also labor proof

After my helix took forever to heal I finally put a hoop in it and I had absolutely no issues. As a person with long hair a stud just wasn’t doing it for me so this helped the piercing from not getting retired. I also had a 40 hour labor and didn’t get it removed for an emergency c-section! Top quality


I absolutely love my clicker hoop! It’s the perfect everyday hoop! Shoutout to y’all for selling such awesome products. I have suuupppeeerrrrr sensitive skin and i’ve never ever had any problems or irritation with this hoop, and i’ve had it for around 6 months and worn it daily.


Quality is 10/10 and was packaged nicely!