Amber Clicker


GENERAL size chart:


Nostril: 18g 9/32nd (7mm) or 18g 5/16th (8mm)

Septum: 16g 5/16th (8mm) or 3/8th (9.5mm)

Lobe/Helix: 18g-16g 1/4th (6.5mm), 9/32nd (7mm), 5/16th (8mm)

Conch: 16g 7/16th (11mm)

Tragus: 16g 1/4 (6.5mm) - 9/32nd (7mm)

Rook: 16g 1/4th (6.5mm) - 5/16th (8mm)

Daith: 16g 5/16th (8mm)- 3/8th (9.5mm)

Lip: 16g 5/16th (8mm)


These are sold as single units! Some hoops only come in one size which will be listed below :


Material: Titanium

Diameter (how big around the hoop is): 5/16th or 3/8th

Stone (if available): Cubic Zirconia

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Beautiful clicker that's perfect for my septum! I purchased an 8mm clicker first but quickly figured out I needed 10mm size instead. Courtney provided quick and friendly customer service and worked with me to process an exchange that was hassle free. FVBJ has great customer service and beautiful, quality jewelry.